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Hello There —

I'm JP Caoile: experienced web developer, tech junkie, and podcast addict. 904markup is a moniker I code under for my freelance and experimental side projects.

As a resident of Jacksonville, Florida, I'm a huge advocate of fostering the growth of the 904 area. I enjoy working with other residents, whether businesses, developers, or designers within the area to create custom web applications that might one day benefit others within the city.

I'm currently taking freelance assignments and I would love to craft a custom solution for your business, so let's get in touch. Send me an email at jpcaoile@904markup.com.

JP Caoile JP Caoile

What's this about creating great products?

Here's just some of the tools I use to deliver a website or application that will offer value to your customers.

  • Microsoft ASP.NET

    Already have an application utilizing .NET or the infrastructure setup in your company for the framework? How about the need for a solid web application that you can rely on to be scalable and maintainable in the distant future when your company grows or expands features?

  • Microsoft SQL Server

    The world runs on data and applications that can turn it into valuable information for your business. Pair this solid database system with the unique web application we create together for you to offer the services that make your business one of a kind.

  • PHP

    Want a solid website/application, but don't want the costs associated with investing in the .NET infrastructure? Let's use this to create your next website and know that your customers or business is using a dependable foundation to rely on.

  • MySQL

    Like peanut butter is to jelly, the MySQL database pairs with PHP to create the feature and data-rich application or website that your customer's and business would come to expect from any website that has a presence on the web.

  • Wordpress CMS

    Content updates are time consuming and your business needs to focus on the services that continue to bring in customers. We can use this Content Management System to create your next unique website and make updating your website less painful.

  • Facebook Developers

    Social media has the potential of bringing in additional business to your company, so why not leverage it to create a Facebook app for your site and bring in new customers through online word of mouth? Use those "Likes" to their potential.

  • Google Analytics

    A website has no worth if it's not bringing in customers through that front door. Numbers don't lie, and Google Analytics provides the insights needed to get your site on that coveted first page of Search Engine Results.

  • jQuery

    Customers expect a feature rich site that delivers the information they need about your business, but it has to look deliver in an engaging and interactive manner. Let's use jQuery to create the User Interface so they desire.

  • MailChimp

    Getting your business's current promotions and updates out to customers is critical in bringing them in through the front door. MailChimp gives your business the ability to send valuable information to your customers via newsletters.

  • Expression Engine

    An alternative to the popular Wordpress Content Management System, Expression Engine delivers quick performance so your customer's don't have to wait for your website to load.

Have an existing site or app that doesn't use these technologies, but need updates or other work done?

No problem, these are only a few of my tools. We can talk details. Just send me a message.

What to expect when we work together?

Each project consists of these key steps, where we communicate each step of the way.

Planning & Analysis

  • Identify requirements for your website/application
  • Determine what your customers and company would want for your website
  • Establishing a plan to lead up to a successful launch

Design & Development

  • Determine what technologies we will use and how they will benefit your company and customers
  • Create mockups for the User Interface/front-end of your website
  • Development of the website while maintaining an communication path regarding status


  • Launch of your website after thorough testing
  • Conduct any necessary training to end-users
  • Enjoy the new product!


  • Utilize Analytics software to make changes to the site for Search Engine Results Pages
  • Monitor and maintain the site to ensure it's serving your needs and customers

Ready to get in touch?


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